Rochester, MN Maternity Photographer | Candid Joy Photography | Baby H

Finally, we had a break in the weather and I was able to sneak outside for my first outdoor session of 2014.  It sure felt good and it most definitely sparked a little something inside of me yearning for more time outside.  What made this session even better was that I got to spend it with one my besties, her cute little baby bump and her always entertaining little girls.  The only one missing out of this whole shindig was dad but he unfortunately, got stuck at work.  Nonetheless, we had quite the adventure together, an adventure that did not start until we coaxed these two precious little girls that their red sparkle heel shoes could stay on but their bright chevron crossbody purses looked better on me than them and their lipgloss was applied just perfectly.





Nia is absolutely stunning pregnant and she rocked this fun maternity gown.



Gah! I am absolutely in L-O-V-E with this family and cannot wait until baby #3 has made his/her big arrival into this world.