Newborn Twin Photography | Candid Joy Photography | Caleb & Sophia

I can’t help but get all giddy when I have a newborn coming to visit me in the studio.  Take that one itty bitty bundle of perfection times two and I can hardly contain the excitement bursting out of my pores. What makes the flood of excitement even better is when the two newest little bundles of joy are the son and daughter of one of my best clients ever.  I mean who wouldn’t feel special when they managed to wake up early in the morning after a night of two hour blocks of sleep, settle not only their newborn twins, Caleb & Sophia but also their big brother, Mason, in for the day and then hop in a car to drive nearly two hours to see me.  I don’t know about you but that sure makes this girl feel quite the love.

Now, I was clearly not the only one who was excited about Caleb and Sophia’s visit.  Obviously, Caleb and Sophia were excited to meet their photographer as well because they thought it would be in their best interest to stay wide awake and take in as much of the scenery that they could at Candid Joy Photography.  I’m sure it had something to do with Mason telling them how much fun it is with the crazy lady with the black box in front of her face.  But with a little coaxing and reassurance that they really would not miss out on too much fun or excitement, both Caleb and Sophia settled into a sleepy little slumber to finish off their session.









Like Caleb, I was sad when our time together was up.  But lucky for us, we will be back together before we know it for their next set of milestone sessions and I have a good feeling big brother, mason will be making a cameo appearance as well.