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Yes, I know the crickets have been chirping away this past summer on here.  I know, it’s bad … totally not like me … Some are probably wondering if I’m even alive over here, right?  I promise you, I am fully alive and busier than all get out, it just may not appear that way online.  So why the lack of activity?  Well, this summer I have intentionally stepped away from my computer, emails and out from behind my camera to spend a little more quality time with my little ones.  I know it sounds all too cliche to say that they grow up too fast but the truth is … they really do.  This year was a big eye opener for Jeremy and myself as we woke up in May and all of a sudden had a four and seven year old in our house.  Our kids are over all the “baby” milestones and moved on to bigger and better feats.  Six more years (That’s less than double where we are right now) and we will have a teenager on our hands (Lord, help me now).  Nine years and we will have two high-schoolers and only 14 more years and we will have an empty nest!!  Sure, those years seem far off in the distance now but the day we had a seven and four year old in our house seemed light years away too not so long ago.

Unfortunately, my blog saw the biggest form of neglect from my decision to focus on my family this summer.  Tonight, I have an entire piece of paper sitting next to me with  announcements, specials and gorgeous sessions that need some blog love.  I won’t be able to get through the list in one night or probably one week but I promise you, the crickets will be chirping no more.  In fact, you may just get sick of all the news feeds popping up on your computer.  The F Family is first up on my list.

At the beginning of Summer, I ventured out to their family farm near Hayfield for their family session.  Like me, they like to live a busy life too.  When I arrived to their place, dad and the two oldest kids were on their way home from a 4H event so the youngest ones, Ethan and Olivia (LOVE that name ;)) and I ventured off to scope out the perfect spot for their photos.  It didn’t take us long to find the perfect location with the most gorgeous sunlight beaming through the trees.





It wasn’t too long and Brody and Madalynn came back from their 4H event and joined in on the photo fun.  Brody volunteered to go first since to boys his age (okay, all ages), don’t really think that taking photos is that much fun.  I think I may have proved him wrong, however.

smiling young boy next to tire tractor in green shirt

photo of a young boy sitting in the woods

And then it was Madalynn’s turn and oh my goodness, this girl is beautiful and photogenic and LOVED being in front of the camera.  As we were going through some of the photos at the end of the session she told me she wanted to get a camera just like mine some day.  I told her when she’s old enough she can come work with me and be my assistant!

photo of a young girl wearing a coral dress in a long grassy field

smiling girl in a coral dress leaning against a round bale

We ended the session with some beautiful family photos.  At every family session, my goal is to shoot family photos that are wall worthy … like blown up really big BAM! HERE IS OUR GORGEOUS FAMILY – WALL WORTHY photos.  The F Family totally accomplished that.

smiling toddler girl in a chambray dress standing in front of her family for photos

smiling family of six sitting on the ground in a wooded area with old tractors in the background

photo of a family of six standing in a wooded area

Madalynn, Brody, Ethan, Olivia … Velerie & Mike, Thank you so very much for inviting me out to your family farm!  I am quite excited to meet up with you again for your next session!